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Preparing for Tupping

Now Stocking - Downland Optigain for Sheep With the tupping season fast approaching, now is a good time to consider the condition of ewes and rams. A successful mating season depends on ewes entering at the right weight and Body Condition Score (BCS), sufficient quantity and quality of feed and a well-balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. Most nutritional disorders are due to excess, deficiencies or imbalances between individual nutrients and in particular minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Downland have published a leaflet you may find interesting which we have added to our Information Page and you can buy many of their products here at Meirion Davies.

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Christmas @ Meirion Davies

Are you ready for Christmas? We wanted to let our customers know that we have lots of ideas in our shop for your friends and family. Call in and see our range of toys for the children, clothing, and footwear. We also have some great ideas for your pets and of course it’s always good to stock up on those household essentials, which we do as well! Free delivery is always available in the local area if required. You can also get some of these items on our online shop via our website. So get shopping & hope to see you all soon!

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Launch of Online Shop

This Autumn we are proud to launch our online shop. We have started small and will focuss initially on a small range of items including Pets @ Meirion Davies - This is our name for the products we supply in the area of Horse, Pony and companion animals like Cats and Dogs. Over time we plan to expand the product range. You can access the shop from here and also on Facebook.

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