calcium boluses for cattle

As a dairy farmer, you know that milk fever is a serious concern for your cows, especially during pre and post-calving periods. A calcium deficiency at this time can lead to adverse health effects, such as weakened muscles, difficulty standing, and even death. That's why calcium boluses have become an essential part of a dairy cow's diet. These boluses play a vital role in preventing milk fever and ensuring that your cows remain healthy. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of calcium boluses and how they can help your dairy cows.

What are calcium boluses?

Calcium boluses are a dietetic feed for reducing the risk of milk fever in dairy cows. When cows experience great calcium demand, these boluses provide fast and extended support of blood calcium levels. This unique formulation is perfect for pre and post-calving, where cows need increased calcium levels due to the development of their mammary glands. The boluses provide calcium to cows in a fast-acting manner and are essential for preventing milk fever.

What are the benefits of using calcium boluses?

Calcium boluses are also a perfect solution for cows that have difficulty standing during calving. In such cases, dairy farmers can provide them with a calcium bolus that will help the cow regain its strength and stand up again. Unlike other methods, a calcium bolus is absorbed quickly into the cow's bloodstream, providing immediate and long-lasting relief from calcium deficiencies.

In addition to boluses, calcium action in liquid form is also available for your cow's health needs. The liquid form of calcium action is suitable for all cows, including those that are unable to swallow boluses or are suffering from severe cases of milk fever. It is a versatile product that can meet the needs of every individual cow and help prevent calcium deficiencies in dairy cows.

Your cows' health should always be a priority, and calcium boluses can help you achieve that. Fast-acting and efficient, they ensure that your cows receive the necessary nutrition to prevent milk fever and maintain their health. As a dairy farmer, you can rely on the effectiveness of calcium boluses to keep your cows healthy and happy. At Meirion Davies, we have plenty of calcium and liquid boluses in stock, so give us a call today to discover how calcium can help your dairy cows. 

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