A Guide to Bolusing Ewes Pre Tupping

As the breeding season of ewes approaches, it is essential to ensure optimal reproductive health and performance. One key practice that can significantly improve ewe fertility is bolusing. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the importance of bolusing ewes pre tupping and the four bolus products that we recommend at Meirion Davies for optimal results.

What is bolusing? 

Bolusing involves administering oral supplements to livestock for specific health and nutritional needs. Boluses are typically used to address trace element deficiencies in breeding animals. In the case of ewes, bolusing pre tupping can significantly improve fertility and support successful lambing outcomes.

Why is bolusing necessary for pre tupping ewes? 

The trace elements present in boluses can improve ewe fertility, reproductive performance and increase the viability of lambs. Copper deficiency in ewes, for example, can result in weak lambs, delayed puberty in ewe lambs, and impaired fertility. By supplementing copper, ewes are better equipped to produce healthy lambs and sustain their reproductive health.

At Meirion Davies, we recommend the following four bolus products for pre tupping ewes:

Mayo All Guard Ewe 5 in1 with Copper: This bolus contains copper, selenium, zinc, iodine, and cobalt, essential trace elements that can improve fertility and support healthy lambing outcomes. It is particularly recommended for ewes grazing on mineral-deficient pastures. Copper is crucial in promoting fertility and preventing the occurrence of mineral deficiencies during tupping season. However, it is important to ensure that the ewes do not receive an excessive amount of copper as this can cause toxicity. Mayo All Guard Ewe 5in1 with copper is an excellent choice for farmers with low levels of copper in their soil or those whose sheep have shown signs of copper deficiency.

Mayo All Guard Ewe 4in1 no Copper: This bolus contains a combination of essential trace elements, except copper, for farmers who want to avoid copper toxicity in their livestock. It is ideal for farmers who do not require a copper bolus due to high levels of copper in their soil. This bolus contains the same minerals as the Mayo All Guard Ewe 5in1, except for copper. Farmers who use this bolus report positive results, including an improvement in the fertility rate of their ewes.

Animax Tracesure: This bolus contains high levels of copper and other trace elements that enhance reproductive health and performance. It is an excellent choice for farmers who prefer a slower but more extended release of minerals. This bolus is made from rumen-friendly ingredients and slowly releases essential minerals into the bloodstream, promoting better lambing and fertility rates. The Animax Tracesure Sheep Bolus is particularly useful for sheep grazing on suboptimal pastures, as it contains a wide range of minerals such as copper, zinc, iodine, and cobalt.

Downland Essential Sheep: This is a comprehensive bolus containing a range of essential minerals and trace elements such as copper, selenium, and iodine. This bolus is highly recommended during tupping season, as it promotes better fertility rates and ensures that the ewes have the necessary nutrients required to carry the lambs to term. The Downland Essential Sheep bolus is easy to administer and does not require any specialist equipment.

Bolusing ewes pre tupping can significantly boost fertility, improve reproductive performance and increase the viability of lambs. At Meirion Davies, we recommend the four bolus products mentioned above for optimal results. Copper, selenium, zinc, iodine, and cobalt are essential trace elements that should not be overlooked in ensuring the best outcomes for your livestock. For any further advice, give us a call or come and see us at Meirion Davies, we’re always happy to help!

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