Are You Feeding Your Cattle Well This Autumn?

As the autumn months are upon us, it's important to start thinking about feeding your cattle. This time of year is crucial for beef finishers and spring calvers alike, and feeding your animals well can have a significant impact on their productivity and health. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of specialist diets available for farmers to use during autumn. We'll also take a look at the benefits of each diet and why it's so important to feed well during this season. 

ForFarmers Super Beef Grader + Levucell SC TITAN
If you have semi-intensive or silage beef finishing systems, then Super Beef Grader + Levucell SC TITAN from ForFarmers could be just what your cattle need. This specialist diet is designed to deliver high daily liveweight gain and maximum forage utilization while also improving feed efficiency. It's a win-win for both you and your cattle.

ForFarmers Eco Super Beef Grower
For growing and creep feeding systems, ForFarmers has come up with Eco Super Beef Grower, which is an excellent option to encourage frame development in your young cattle while also maintaining rumen health and feed efficiency. This specialist diet is formulated to help your cattle grow quickly while keeping them healthy.

NWF Super Rearer Nuts
Post-weaning, your cattle need a diet that can maintain a high growth rate, and that's where NWF Super Rearer Nuts come in. This specialist rearer diet is designed to complement a straw or silage-based diet and available in both 18% and 16% protein. It's an excellent choice if you want to keep your calves growing healthy and strong.

ForFarmers Eco Super Rearer 18 Nuts
Another specialist rearing diet that could help you maintain excellent health and fertility in your calves is Eco Super Rearer 18 Nuts from ForFarmers. This diet is formulated for high daily liveweight gain and designed to work best with silage-based systems. With this diet, you can have peace of mind about the health and fitness of your calves.

If you want to make sure your autumn feeding regime is up to par, then call in and see us at Meirion Davies. We have a wide range of calf and cattle feed in store from various tried and tested brands. You can ask for expert advice and guidance from their team to ensure you make the right choice for your cattle.

Feeding your cattle well this autumn is essential for those who want to achieve the best possible outcome from their cattle. By investing in the right cattle feed options, you can ensure your cattle thrive and are healthy. With the variety of specialist diets and high-quality feed options available from brands like ForFarmers and NWF, you can make sure you are providing your cattle with the best possible nutrition this autumn. Come and see us at Meirion Davies to explore the options available and select the best feeding regime for your cattle. Don't forget to take advantage of our team's expertise if you need any help along the way.

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