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Shoof Speedy Feeder 3-Speed Calf Feeding Bottle

Shoof Speedy Feeder 3-Speed Calf Feeding Bottle

Designed with a shape that makes it easy for calves to feed and will ensure that every last drop is drank, the Shoof Speedy Feeder has a 2.5 litre capacity and a wide bottle neck that allows for easy re-filling and cleaning.

This innovative calf feeding bottle has an air inlet with three settings, which enables you to choose how fast the milk will flow out of the bottle, and you can also pump the milk out to help feed weak calves that are unable to suckle properly.  


  • 2.5 litre capacity
  • Optional pump action
  • 3 settings to control milk flow
  • Designed to make feeding easier
  • Wide neck for easy filling & cleaning
  • Ideal for feeding weak, premature calves
  • Suitable for feeding from the front or back 
  • Innovative shape allows bottle to drain fully 

We offer spare Speedy Feeder lids and teats, as well the complete Shoof Speedy Feeder package, which includes lid, teat and bottle.

Please call 01745 812400 to check availability of Shoof Speedy Feeder 3-Speed Calf Feeding Bottle and to place your order.

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