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IAE Crusader Plus Cattle Crush

IAE Crusader Plus Cattle Crush

The Crusader Plus is our entry level cattle crush, which is suited to both dairy and beef cattle and is fronted by a manual, lever operated yoke that is operated from either side of the crush. For maximum versatility, a spring loaded quick release adjustment gives 4 pre-set yoke widths from 100mm to 260mm.

Features unique to this product include:

  • A hinged vet access panel built into each yoke leaf
  • Two removable rails on each side of the crush allow access to the animal’s flanks
  • Fully sheeted bottom side panel on either side of the crush can be removed if required
  • A flat treadplate floor provides ample grip for the cattle
  • Ratchet style rump bar for keeping cattle forwards in the crush
  • Rear gate fitted as standard
  • Pallet fork lifting points welded to the top horizontal rails makes transporting the crush easy
HEIGHT - 1900mm
LENGTH - 2620mm
WIDTH - 2438mm
BASE WIDTH - 838mm


Please call 01745 812400 to check availability of IAE Crusader Plus Cattle Crush and to place your order.

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