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IAE Chieftain Squeeze Cattle Crush

IAE Chieftain Squeeze Cattle Crush

The Chieftain manual yoke is great for herds with varying sizes of cattle due to the nature of the manual catching action and quick adjustment. This style of yoke has the ability to be adjusted whilst in the closed or engaged position meaning that you can easily have different sized animals within the same herd run through the handling system and crush without having to spend excess time resetting the yoke for different groups of animals. The yoke opening is able to be adjusted between 100mm and 290mm.

To encourage the animals into the crush and yoke, the manual scissor action yoke retracts the yoke arms into the sides of the crush, removing them from the animal’s line of sight. This vastly increases the chances of the cattle calmly entering the yoke in the correct position.

An operator is required to activate the yoke at the correct point in time. This occurs when the animals head has passed through the yoke but the shoulders haven’t. This style of operation can be beneficial to herds who are frequently handled and have become accustomed to being restrained in a yoke as unlike the automatic yoke, they are unable to control the process of being yoked.

To activate the yoke, a lever is located on either side which engages and opens the yoke. Once engaged the animal will not be able to force the yoke bars open and will therefore require the operator to release them from the yoke.

The Chieftain yoke is fronted by a set of vertical gates which encapsulates the animal and prevents them from walking through the crush and exiting it before the operator is ready. The gates can open fully to the front and side allowing excellent access all round the animals head and neck once safely yoked in place.

The squeeze panels operate quickly and quietly when combined with the Chieftain or Saracen yoke, meaning that this squeeze crush enables the operator to perform tasks whilst keeping the animal calm and safe.

Features unique to this product include:

  • An all-round super quiet design featuring rubber bumpers to minimise sound and vibration from moving parts on the squeeze mechanism
  • Squeeze controls on both sides of the crush allowing for any hand operation
  • Four side doors on each side of the crush providing substantial access to the animal’s flanks
  • Floating panel design for minimal effort operation
  • Quick squeeze release handle on either side of the crush allowing any hand operation, increasing efficiency
  • Ratchet style rump bar for keeping cattle forwards in the crush
LENGTH - 2740mm
BASE LENGTH - 2560mm
WIDTH - 838mm
INTERNAL WIDTH - 738 - 260mm
HEIGHT - 1900mm

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