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ForFarmers VITAMILK Classic

ForFarmers VITAMILK Classic

A high quality calf milk replacer formulated for consistent performance with dairy and beef calves.

  • Rapid growth rates
  • Strong viable calves
  • Optimised intestinal health

Calf Nutrition

VITAMILK Classic is a whey based complete milk replacer offering a balanced, highly digestible fat and protein level to avoid digestive problems. This ensures the calf has a plentiful supply of energy and protein for growth and development. 

VITAMILK Classic offers:

  • A high proportion of dairy raw materials
  • A high quality blend of digestible protein sources to meet the performance requirement for well grown calves.
  • A range of four oil sources (Palm, Coconut, Rape and Soya) to provide a well-balanced supply of energy.
  • A balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and elements to meet the requirements of well grown calves. 

Please call 01745 812400 to check availability of ForFarmers VITAMILK Classic and to place your order.

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