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Meirion Davies & Co Ltd / Meirion Davies a’i Gwmni Cyf

ForFarmers Super Beef Grader + Levucell SC TITAN

ForFarmers Super Beef Grader + Levucell SC TITAN

A specialist diet for semi-intensive or silage beef finishing systems: 

  • High daily liveweight gain
  • Maximum forage utilisation
  • Improve feed efficiency

Features and benefits

6mm nuts 
Increase intakes.

High energy and starch
A range of starch, sugar and digestible fibre to promote DLWG, good rumen health and better forage utilisation.

Balanced protein
14% protein to limit protein wastage and allow more energy to be used for weight gain.

Health pack
Supplies vitamins, minerals and key trace elements (zinc, iodine, cobalt and selenium) to optimise health and performance.

Levucell SC TITAN
Rumen specific live yeast which, improves rumen development, increases forage digestibility and increases DLWG. 

Feeding guide

Feed up to 6 kg / head / day (1 kg / 100 kg liveweight) in semi-intensive or silage beef feeding systems. Introduce gradually over 7 days with a source of fibre and access to water.

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