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ForFarmers Express Lamb Finisher Nuts

ForFarmers Express Lamb Finisher Nuts

Ewbol Express Lamb Finisher plus Levucell is a high energy feed formulated for rapid finishing and intensive lamb feeding systems.

  • High Daily Live Weight Gain
  • Excellent feed conversion
  • Improved rumen health

Key Features

Pellet: To aid creep feeding systems. 

Nut: To promote high intakes. 

Energy: A combination of starch and digestible fibre to promote high Daily Live Weight Gain and good rumen health

Protein: 15% - balanced levels of rumen degradable protein and DUP to maintain high Daily Live Weight Gain and lean tissue growth for gradingg.

Health Pack: Supplies Vitamins, minerals and key trace elements (Zinc, iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) to boost health.

Ammonium Chloride: Prevents urinary calculi (stones) development in intensive feeding systems. 

Addarome: Stimulates high feed intakes. 

Levucell: Live yeast that stabilises rumen pH, improves rumen health and increases Daily Live Weight Gain. 


To be offered to lambs over 20kgs. Introduce gradually over a 7 day period.

Please call 01745 812400 to check availability of ForFarmers Express Lamb Finisher Nuts and to place your order.

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