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Meirion Davies & Co Ltd / Meirion Davies a’i Gwmni Cyf

ForFarmers Eco Super Beef Grower

ForFarmers Eco Super Beef Grower

A specialist diet for growing and creep feeding systems:

  • Encourage frame development
  • Maintain rumen health
  • Improve feed efficiency

Features and benefits

6mm nuts 
Increases intakes.

Optimum energy
A balanced range of starch, sugar and digestible fibre to promote growth and good rumen health. 

High protein
16% protein to promote muscle growth and frame development.

Health pack
Supplies vitamins, minerals and trace elements (zinc, iodine, cobalt and selenium) to optimise health.

Feeding guide

Feed up to 4kg / head / day (1 kg / 100 kg liveweight) in growing cattle. Feed ad-lib in calf creep feeding systems.

Introduce gradually over 7 days with a source of fibre and access to water.

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