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Meirion Davies & Co Ltd / Meirion Davies a’i Gwmni Cyf

Downland Opti-Balance Cattle Extra Mag FA Minerals

Downland Opti-Balance Cattle Extra Mag FA Minerals

A high specification mineral supplement formulated
with high magnesium for grazing cows at risk from
grass staggers

Product Benefits

  • A high magnesium mineral for use where there is a risk of
    grass staggers
  • Contains an optimal package of minerals, trace elements and
    vitamins to help counteract any potential deficiencies in grass
    or forage
  • Also includes high levels of zinc and copper to support general
    animal health
  • Available as either a free access or in feed formulation to suit
    your system

Feeding Recommendations

  • Ideal for feeding during the spring and autumn periods when grass staggers can be a risk
  • Up to 150 g/head/day
  • Do not feed to intensively reared animals
  • Free access
  • Additional waterproofing
  • Offer in a free-draining container to prevent waste
  • Site away from water source in locations where stock shelter
  • Offer in the ratio of one feeding point per 25 cattle

Please call 01745 812400 to check availability of Downland Opti-Balance Cattle Extra Mag FA Minerals and to place your order.

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