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Downland Fresh Start Whey

Downland Fresh Start Whey


Contains PRO-ZEST® helping provide calves with the zest for life.

Crude Protein % 21
Fat % 17
Fibre % 0.2
Ash % 7

  • Good mixability; a creamy palatable feed that is easy to digest
  • Feeding at 41-42oC optimises calf intakes and performance
  • Whey based
  • Optimal nutrient absorption for early rumen development with PRO-ZEST®
  • Egg protein; natural antibodies nourish the gastrointestinal tract and aids a healthy microbiome
  • A balanced intestinal microbial community that facilitates gut development and supports the immune system
  • Available in 20kg bags


PRO-ZEST® is a blend of essential active components including fatty acids, that work in synergy to support the intestinal environment in neonate and pre-weaned calves.

Please call 01745 812400 to check availability of Downland Fresh Start Whey and to place your order.

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