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BUCKBOOTZ BBZ6000 Safety Neoprene Wellingtons

BUCKBOOTZ BBZ6000 Safety Neoprene Wellingtons

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BBZ6000 safety neoprene/rubber waterproof boot feature a structured Aerospence honeycomb breathable linings and detachable cushion insoles with a distinctive safety side flash and a hi-viz lining which rolls down for extra safety.

To add to its already extensive EN standards credentials, we've added Cold Insulation certification (CI) which means that they operate with comfort to temperatures of -17°C (±2°C) for minimum periods of 30 minutes.

Cleated lightweight rubber outsoles which are slip resistant certified to the maximum SRC standard ensure that safety and comfort is never a compromise.


  • Safety toecap (SB)
  • NAIL STOP anti-penetration midsole (P)
  • Cold insulation certified, -17°C for 30 minutes (CI)
  • Heat insulation certified, 150°C for 30 minutes (HI)
  • Antistatic (A)
  • Energy absorption seat region (E)
  • Heat & oil resistant rubber outsole (HRO)
  • Slip resistant - max test (SRC)



  • Waterproof
  • Reflective enhancement to give 360° presence and visibility
  • 5mm neoprene with rubber protection Aerospencer breathable high visibility lining
  • Comfort support insole for all day wear
  • ‘Slip in’ heel support
  • Kick-off heel spur

Please call 01745 812400 to order your BUCKBOOTZ BBZ6000 Safety Neoprene Wellingtons.

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