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Mayo All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1

Mayo All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1

All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1 (100 Pack)

All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1(100 pack) is a supplementary bolus that supplies lambs with cobalt, selenium, zinc and iodine. The boluses are designed to use a slow release leeching system that releases the minerals over a six month period. All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1 is ideal for supplementing lambs that don't require copper. These boluses can improve your lambs' health, performance, vitality and reduce your concentrate use. The All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1 is perfect for use to meet your lambs' post-weaning mineral requirements.

Active Substance
Zinc, Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium

Target Species

Treats and Controls
An imbalance in available minerals as well as iodine. Slow release over 6 months. Can improve Lamb health performance and vitality.

Application Method
Balling Gun

Withdrawal Period

1 Bolus per lambs consuming 1.2 kg or more a day of dry matter.

Features of the All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1

  • 100 boluses per pack
  • For supplementing lambs
  • Supplies lamb with Cobalt, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine
  • Slow release leeching system
  • Lasts up to six months
  • Meets Sheep Scheme mineral requirements

What does All Guard Lamb Bolus 4 in 1 Contain?

Content Per Bolus
Cobalt 175mg
Iodine 375mg
Selenium 50mg
Zinc 200mg


Why use boluses over drenches?

There are significant advantages to using boluses over drenches. Drenches have to be administered every few weeks where as a single bolus can last up to four months. This fact alone can save time, effort and money for the farmer. Drenches can also cause a sudden spike in the minerals being administered which in some cases can be damaging to the animal, boluses use a slow release system which ensures the animal is only being administered the correct daily amount of cobalt, selenium and iodine.


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