As a farmer, you know that grazed grass is still the cheapest and best feed for cattle per kg DM. Whether you're growing your own feed or relying on purchased feed, the quality of grass can make a big difference to the health and productivity of your animals. With the sowing season upon us, it's time to think about the best blends for your farm. In this blog, we'll introduce you to our top pasture blends that are perfect for your farming needs.

MD Clwyd Green - This high-quality blend offers excellent silage yields with high sugar content and good early and late-season bite. This 2-3 year intensive silage and grazing ley can be cut up to 4 times or used for zero grazing. Ideal for those looking for a flexible, high-performing option.

MD Direct Mix - Designed for 3-5 years duration, this blend is ideal for over seeding mixed livestock farms. It suits intensive regimes for dairy or silage systems. With its excellent quality and durability, MD Direct Mix is ideal for long-term use.

MD Italian Blend & Fast Grass Mixtures - These short-term mixtures are perfect for those looking for a quick, low-cost option to sow late into autumn after Maize. They contain low-temperature tolerant grasses and can be used as a “quick fix” in spring or summer to boost on-farm forage production.

MD Clwyd Red - For long-term, specialist mixture capable of many years of top-quality forage production, MD Clwyd Red is an excellent choice. With leading varieties and Timothy to help fill the mid-summer gap, this blend delivers outstanding soluble carbohydrate/sugar levels, top quality, exceptional ground cover and persistence.

MD Clwyd Gold - A highly flexible and productive long-term Ley, inclusive of a quality White Clover Blend, containing medium and larger-leaved varieties. This blend is ideal for a range of livestock situations and delivers exceptional high sugar silage and highly digestible grazing aftermaths.

MD Horse & Pony Paddock Mix - Designed for horse and pony grazing, this mixture contains carefully selected grasses and herbs for a highly palatable sward and essential trace element and mineral benefits for optimum health.

We also stock a range of Nickerson Circle Ley grass seed and a range of Germinal Seeds.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting pasture blends for your farm. When selecting a blend, it's important to consider factors such as your farming needs, soil type, and grazing or silage usage. With our top-quality blends and expert advice, you can be confident in your selection and grow the best quality forage for your livestock. Happy sowing!

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