Lambing season is a busy time of year for farmers, and having the right equipment can make all the difference between a successful season and one that’s more challenging. From feed to warmers to crooks, here’s what you need to be prepared for lambing season.

If you’re feeding milk replacements and/or administering colostrum this lambing season, we highly recommend using The Pyon Heatwave Milk Warmer™, which uses heat exchange technology to quickly and effectively heat milk on demand. If you’re looking the best ewe milk replacements, please see our blog (insert blog here) for more information.

Shepherd Crooks are an essential piece of kit during this time of year, and we have new styles from George Mudge Shearing to make your life a little easier. Our new favourite - The New Zealand Super Crook - can be used as an immobiliser by cuffing a front and hind leg together, handy if you need both hands free for lambing. The fibreglass shaft is lightweight and will not shock if used through an electric fence. Shepherdess crooks are essential tools during lambing season; they allow you to secure animals while freeing up your hands so you can focus on other tasks at hand. We carry a variety of styles from George Mudge Shearing; each one offers quality craftsmanship that will last through many seasons of lambing.

Feed is also essential during lambing season; it helps ensure your lambs are getting the nutrition they need to thrive this springtime. ForFarmers Prestige Lamb Starter Pellets provide complete nutrition for newborn lambs, while NWF Fast Lamb Starter Pellets help support strong growth in older lambs over the course of their first six weeks of life. Finishing off with either ForFarmers Express Lamb or NWF Super Lamb Finishing Nuts ensures that your lambs have the energy they need to thrive throughout the summer months ahead. Minerals are also important during this time; Optigain Mineral Drench provides essential minerals that support optimal health in young ruminants such as lambs, calves and goats. And don’t forget about bolus products such as Tracesure Sheep and Lamb, All Guard Lamb Bolus or Downland Essential Lamb Bolus - these trace elements support healthy development in growing animals throughout their first year of life.

With lambing season underway, or just around the corner for some, it’s important that farmers have all the necessary tools and supplies on hand to ensure their flock thrives this springtime! From warmers to shepherdess crooks to feed options including starter pellets, finishing nuts and minerals, we have everything you need here at Meirion Davies! Be sure to stock up now so you’re fully prepared when it comes time for your herd’s little ones to arrive!
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