Pest Control

Here at Meirion Davies, we stock an expanded range of high end traps, rodenticides, mole and fly control, bird scarers and electronic pest controls from proven UK top brands such as Tomcat, Neosorexa, Lodi, Jaguar, Slaymor, Downland Killer and Victor.

Please Note !

With effect from 1st March, 2018 the new legislation for the sale of rodenticide will change with regard to pack sizes sold to non-professional users.

Amateur or non-professional users are classed as those who have not undergone relevant training or are not part of an approved farm assurance scheme.

Amateur packs will be reduced to a maximum pack size of 300g as follows;

Wholegrain bait for rats and mice: 150g per pack

Paste bait for rats and mice: 150g per pack

Block bait for rats and mice: 300g per back