InstaFEC - Our Same Day Fecal Egg Count Service



This page explains our Fecal Egg Count Service which we are calling "InstaFE." 

What are Fecal Egg Counts (FEC)?

This is a scientific test for counting the number of worm eggs in Sheep, Cattle & Horse faeces. It indicates the worm burden that the animals in question are bearing.

How does it work?

As a customer you would provide us a sample of fecal matter (poo/cachu) taken from either a single animal, or 10-15 small samples from a field all mixed together in a plastic sample bag.

As little as a matchbox size sample is sufficient. We can supply bags and recording slips if you pop in.

Next, using our own in-house staff we will convert the solid matter into a stabilised screenable sample that can then be scanned and sent over the internet to our lab partners.

They will respond with a report. An example of which is shown below.

This report will then be shared with you and we can provide expert advice through our trained SQPs who can advice on a correct course of treatment

Should I just worm anyway, instead of using InstaFec from Meirion Davies?

Advice has changed over the years. It is now recommended that only animals known to have a worm burden are wormed.

This is important not only because its a waste of time & money to treat animals that do not need it, but importantly because overworming can result in resistance. In addition, sometimes the reason that your stock might look poorer than it should could be due to other causes. Examples being a mineral or trace element imbalance which can present with similar symptoms to having worms.

How to get started:

Bring in a sample by 11am for same day result. If after 11 we will do our best but it wait until the next working day.

Alternatively pop in and collect one of our sample bags and forms and bring it back when it suits you.

If you just want to chat about the service, call in or call up to speak to Cara or Karen.

Prices start from £12.50 with discounts available for multiple samples/fields.

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