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Meirion Davies is a family-run agricultural supplies company set in the heart of the Vale of Clwyd, servicing North Wales, North West England and further afield. At Meirion Davies, we understand that agricultural life comes with its challenges. That's why we're dedicated to supporting all aspects of it, from farmers and their families to commercial production. We prioritize the welfare of animals and the well-being of those who work in this important industry, because we know that a thriving community is built on a foundation of healthy and happy individuals.

The bilingual Meirion Davies team have a wide range of knowledge and hands-on experience in different industries. This means that they can really help customers with any queries or problems, and suggest products that they have used themselves. We also offer free delivery and are certified in a number of different product ranges. Plus, we're more than happy to help out our customers in the Welsh language!

Competitive prices and bulk-buying capability mean that Meirion Davies is a one-stop shop for everything you to keep your home, small holding, or commercial farm running smoothly. We are proud to play a role in keeping the farming industry alive and thriving by not just supporting the farmers, but by supporting their families and the wider communities in which they live.