Twin lamb disease is a serious issue that can affect newborn lambs. It occurs when an ewe carries two lambs to term, and one or both are born malnourished. This malnourishment can cause severe health issues for the lambs, and even death in some cases. That’s why it’s important to take measures to prevent twin lamb disease on your farm. Let’s discuss how you can do just that.

High Energy Products

One of the best ways to prevent twin lamb disease is by introducing high energy products into your ewes’ diets a few weeks prior to their due date. This will help ensure that the ewes are getting enough nutrients during their pregnancy, so that they can pass those nutrients onto their unborn lambs. We recommend using Caneflow or Palamol Molasses, as they are excellent high energy products for this purpose, as they are both rich in vitamins, minerals, and energy-dense carbohydrates.

Caneflow is a sweet black liquid that is high in fermentable energy and sugars. This product is 5 times more flowable than standard molasses at low temperatures and improves intakes of all forage types.

Palamol is a carefully crafted blend of sugar cane molasses, condensed molasses solubles and caramel flavouring. This liquid can be used in multiple feeding situations as a reliable source of sugars and protein, which helps improve nutrient intake with all types of forage. 

Good Nutrition

It is also important to make sure your ewes are receiving good nutrition throughout their pregnancies. Stocking up on essential minerals such as magnesium and zinc helps keep your herd healthy and strong. We stock a range of high quality ewe feed, which you can read more about in our blog Lambing Season: Supporting Ewe Health & Performance.

You should also be careful not to give them too much feed; overfeeding can lead to other problems such as diarrhoea in newborn lambs or milk fever in adult ewes. Make sure you stick to regular feeding schedules with appropriate portions for each animal based on their size, age, and activity level.

Downland Twin Lamb Solution

If you do find yourself dealing with twin lamb disease, we recommend using Downland Twin Lamb Solution, which can help improve the nutritional intake of weak or malnourished lambs at birth. It contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes which work together to provide the necessary nourishment for the lambs while helping reduce mortality rates due to twin lamb disease significantly if used correctly according to directions from a veterinarian or agricultural expert.

Taking steps like introducing high energy products into your ewes' diets prior to birth, providing good nutrition throughout pregnancy, and using Downland Twin Lamb Solution if needed can all help prevent twin lamb disease from occurring on your farm. By following these tips you can ensure that your flock stays healthy and strong for years to come!

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