As the weather warms up this spring, worms can become more prolific, and your lambs may have trouble fighting off the resulting health issues. It's essential to stay vigilant and keep your flock healthy, and that all starts with effective worming. In this post, we'll give you some tips on how to prevent a spring rise in lambs by staying on top of worming and using a quality product like Downland Zermex 2% for Sheep.

Schedule regular worm treatments

When it comes to worming lambs, regularity is key. Be sure to follow the guidance of the product you choose and follow dosing intervals strictly. The exact timing will depend on a variety of factors, but generally, you'll want to start worming your lambs frequently from around three months of age. Doing so will help to prevent any build-up of worm counts in their systems and keep them healthy as they grow.

Choose a high-quality wormer product

The quality of the product you use is just as important as the frequency of its application. We recommend using a product like Downland Zermex 2% for Sheep as it is safe to use and has been proven to provide excellent worm control. Another factor to consider is that your product should be suitable for use by both ewes and their young lambs.

Assess and monitor worm counts

The best way to stay on top of possible worms is by assessing and monitoring your flock for any signs of infection or increased worm counts. Keeping an eye out for poor condition, diarrhoea, and behavioural changes will help you stay ahead of any potential health problems in your flock.

Maintain hygiene and preventive measures

Lastly, hygiene and preventive measures go a long way towards keeping your flock healthy. This includes regularly cleaning up after your flock and rotating grazing areas to prevent a build-up of worms in the soil. It's also essential to maintain good nutrition for your herd to ensure they have the energy to fight off any potential infections.

Keeping your lambs healthy takes time, dedication, and a bit of know-how. By following the tips we discussed in this post, you can help prevent spring rise in your flock and keep them healthy as they grow. Remember to stay on top of worming with a quality product like Downland Zermex 2% for Sheep, rotate wormer medications, monitor worm counts, maintain good hygiene, and work with a veterinary professional to protect your flock. And don’t forget, we’re always on hand to offer our expert advice and help recommend the best products, so call in us and see us or give us a call using the button below. 

By working together, we’ll help ensure you have a thriving and healthy herd for years to come.

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