Garlic Licks: A Natural & Effective Way to Keep Flies off Cattle & Sheep

Summer may be a much-awaited season for many of us, but it can be a nightmare for farmers and smallholders. With the warmer, humid weather comes the curse of flies and biting insects that can cause stress, irritation, and health problems to livestock animals, resulting in reduced performance and productivity. Flies and other unwanted insects can also cause disruptions in grazing, leading to a significant loss in revenue. Thankfully, there is a natural and effective solution to combat this issue - garlic licks. Let’s explore how garlic licks can help keep flies away from your sheep and cattle.

Garlic licks are a mineral, vitamin, and trace element bucket that contains an added high concentration of garlic, which acts as a natural fly and biting insect repellent. Garlic contains high sulphur compounds that repel flies and inhibit harmful bacteria growth, making it incredibly effective against fly infestation in animals. Along with its natural insect-repellent properties, garlic also boasts numerous health benefits, ensuring that your livestock remains healthy and happy throughout the summer.

One of our most popular garlic licks for livestock animals is SUPAlyx Garlic, fortified with minerals, vitamins, and trace elements including protected zinc and vitamins B1 and B12. The inclusion of garlic helps discourage flies and biting insects, reducing the amount of grazing disturbance and irritation to the animals. By keeping stress levels down and promoting healthy digestion and forage intake, SUPAlyx Garlic positively affects productivity and performance.

Crystalyx Garlyx is another popular option used to enhance animal performance by stimulating forage intake and digestion. The high concentration of garlic makes it an ideal solution for keeping flies, biting insects, and other nuisance predators at bay through the summer months. Its unique insect repellent properties also make it the go-to option for reducing the incidence of blowstrike and teat infections, two common health issues that arise from fly infestation.

Downland Buzz Off is another mineral bucket which we highly recommend, as it contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, and added garlic oil as an effective repellent against flies and biting insects. This supplement is ideal for both cattle and sheep and includes all the necessary nutrients to keep your animals healthy and robust against potential threats from external factors.

As a farmer or smallholder, the last thing you want is for fly infestation to hurt the productivity and performance of your livestock during summer. Thankfully, garlic licks can provide an effective and natural solution to combat this problem. With a range of products available for sheep and cattle, keeping your animals healthy and comfortable during the fly season has never been easier. Whether you opt for SUPAlyx Garlic, Crystalyx Garlyx, or Downland Buzz Off, the high concentration of garlic ensures you’re getting an effective insect-repellent solution that’s also nutritious and healthy for your livestock.

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