Heygates Layers Pellets 20kg (UK VAT Free)

Heygates Layers Pellets 20kg (UK VAT Free)

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Country Layers pellets are a complete feed for free range laying birds. Traditional quality ingredients are used to make a 3mm pellet / coarsely ground meal. Calcium is added to provide strong shells, together with all the necessary minerals and vitamins for a healthy bird.

To give an attractive yolk colour, pigments extracted from marigold petals are added together with another compound which occurs naturally in the skins of oranges.

Country Layers should be fed ad lib to laying birds. A typical bird will eat between 130 and 140 grammes per day.

If mixed corn or wheat is to be fed then its advisable this is in small quantities and preferably in the afternoon. Too much will reduce the bird's appetite for the layers pellets and they may not get enough protein, minerals and vitamins.

Grit and Fresh Water should also be provided at all times.